Harnessing Biofilms for Efficient Wastewater Treatment

Did you know?

Around 80% of wastewater worldwide is released untreated into the environment. 

This leads to significant public health and environmental problems.

Urbanization and population growth will add billions of people to cities in the coming decades which will overwhelm existing wastewater treatment infrastructure without rapid, widespread updates.

Time to act is now

“In a world where demands for freshwater are ever growing, and where limited water resources are increasingly stressed by over-abstraction, pollution and climate change, neglecting the opportunities arising from improved wastewater management is nothing less than unthinkable”          

- Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO

Aquora's Plan

Implement low-cost, reliable wastewater treatment solutions that can provide energy generation and water reuse potential to a wide array of industries and municipalities.

Aquora's retrofittable solutions will provide municipalities an economically-sustainable solution to meet future treatment demands. 


Municipal Solutions

Need more treatment capacity without expanding footprint?

Aquora is designing MagnaTree dynamic membrane cassettes to be retrofit to biological tanks to provide process intensification at a fraction of the OPEX of existing technologies.

Modular Solutions

Need a low-maintenance, on-site treatment solution?

Aquora is pursuing development of a packaged treatment system. The patent-pending technology efficiently removes pollutants and filters wastewater by utilizing its unique dynamic membrane biofilms. The technology's small footprint and reliable treatment make it a great fit for many industries. 


Our Mission

Sustainably eliminate wastewater treatment challenges by removing pollutant loads and enabling renewable energy generation. Provide data transparency to allow potential clients to assess how the technology has performed and determine if it will meet their needs.


Company Origin

Developed out of University of Michigan's Environmental Biotechnology Lab, Aquora's core technology is the product of a decade of research conducted by Drs. Lutgarde Raskin and Steven Skerlos. Their performance, microbial, and life cycle assessment research on anaerobic membrane bioreactors spurred this breakthrough in wastewater treatment. 

Through detailed comparison with state-of-the-art technologies and multiple lab-scale studies, Aquora's technology was created to overcome the hurdles facing existing solutions. 




Co-founder, President & CEO

Tim Fairley

Tim Fairley developed Aquora's technology in lab at the University of Michigan working with his advisors, Lut and Steve. He has years of experience operating pilot-scale demonstrations and has evaluated emerging wastewater technologies for a municipality. He is passionate about commercializing high-impact, transformative technologies.


Co-founder, Scientific Advisor

Lutgarde Raskin

Dr. Lutgarde Raskin is a pioneer in the field of engineering microbiomes. As an elected fellow of the International Water Association, Water Environment Federation, and American Academy of Microbiology, her expertise are deep in engineered biological wastewater treatment systems.


Co-founder, COO, Scientific Advisor

Steven Skerlos

Dr. Steven Skerlos is a serial entrepreneur, having successfully commercialized multiple technologies spun out of University of Michigan. As a UM distinguished faculty fellow in sustainability, he has deep expertise on life cycle costing and environmental assessments and membrane modelling expertise.

Co-founder, Engineering Advisor

John Lee

John Lee is an expert wastewater engineering consultant with decades of design and implementation experience. He is a world-renowned design leader in the pulp and paper industry and has successfully completed projects for large, multinational clients.



Internship Opportunities 

Aquora Biosystems is eager to work with individuals who are passionate about tackling challenging problems. If interested in interning for Aquora, please email your CV and a brief description of your interest to Tim Fairley at fairley@aquorabiosystems.com

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