What is the technology?

We call it MagnaTree

It's a reimagined membrane bioreactor (MBR) - ours uses biofilms developed on coarse meshes, i.e., "dynamic membranes" 

It's also a new-style of hybrid bioreactor - much of the biological treatment can happen in the biofilms, which are entirely active!

biofilms on meshes_edited.jpg

Why is this meaningful?

The mesh is much less susceptible to severe fouling than conventional MF/UF membranes - this means no chemical cleans or sparging!

Unlike conventional biofilm systems, this isn't diffusion-limited.

How do costs compare?

OPEX: 40 - 60% reduction relative to MBR

CAPEX: 25 - 40% reduction relative to MBR

What is the current status?

Bench-scale validation of little fouling & strong performance with municipal wastewater

Bench-scale validation of simple SRT/HRT separation during anaerobic digestion of food waste