MagnaTree - harnessing biofilms for improved bioreactor efficiency

How it works

MagnaTree is designed to be submerged in a bioreactor tank. Microorganisms form biofilms on the device to efficiently metabolize pollutants (e.g. COD). The patent-pending treatment system, termed a recirculating dynamic membrane bioreactor, simultaneously filters the wastewater.


  • Retrofittable 

  • Small Footprint

    • Solids/liquid separation and biological treatment in same tank​

  • Low-Energy Operation

    • Low-pressure filtration without requiring sparging or chemical cleans

  • No Heating Required

    • The biofilms are able to effectively remove pollutants at ambient temperatures (20 - 25 C)

  • Robust Treatment

    • The biofilms are able to handle changes in wastewater composition​ and loading rate

  • Consistent Effluent Quality

    • Filtration quality stays consistent

  • Energy Generation Potential

    • Low energy inputs for operation mean that anaerobic treatment can be a net energy producer​

  • Water Reuse Potential

    • The low solids effluent is suitable for downstream ultrafiltration​

Markets Served



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Dairy Processing


Food Processing


Breweries and Wineries